Hot Runner Controller

Whether you need 6 zone or 250 zone, PSG hot runner controllers out performs all other controllers

Performance and Functionality
Play it safe – with the PSG profiTEMP+ or profiTEMP hot runner controller

NEW: the profiTEMP+ from 6 zones up to 192 zones

Hot Runner Controller Systems profiTEMP+
We are pleased to introduce the new launch of profiTEMP+ which is available in both desktop and tower options up to 192 16 amp zones. Additional advantages are: a small footprint, the intuitive operation via touch screen, Smart Power Limitation and the pairing mode connection software. This is an exciting system that has manual network and expansion possibilities with ease of use and user profiles for historical data and permissions logging.

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 As PSG Plastic Service produces both, hot runner controllers and hot runner systems we know the demands towards control systems in detail! The close linking of product design, product development and manufacturing are optimum prerequisites for maximum flexibility and rapid reaction to the requirements of an ever-more demanding market. All new developments are tested in our own laboratory under real life conditions. This assures you that PSG hot runner controllers are tested to the core and that they are technically up to date. PSG’s capabilities bring the consumer a direct line of possibilities to enhance an expanding molding operation or upgrades to molders replacing out dated control systems.

The Premium product family sets new standards in operating quality. profiTEMP+ is like injection molding with GPS capabilities: You can follow the “journey” in the melt channel and receive all process data for knowing where changes occur and alarms to alert possible plastic leakage or a variety of other processes that will save down time and costly repairs.

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