We Offer A Wide Range Of Services To Fit Your Needs.

Non-abrasive removal of polymer services including repair and rebuild of hot runner systems.

Extrude Honing
Non-abrasive polishing method for internal steel structures

Slide Products & More
Mold releases, cleaners, rust preventatives, purge compounds, and greases

Electric Heaters
Stock and custom band heaters, cartridge, coil, mini coil, air heaters, cal rod, formed tubular, repair services

Stock and all custom domestic and foreign types

Hot Runner Components
Many machined stock and custom nozzle tips, housings, vespel insulators, valve stems, and components

Heated Mold Components
Integrally heated torpedo, hot sprue bushings, and repair services

Temperature & Variable Controls
Single and multiple zone applications

Hot Runner Cables & Accessories
Custom cables, box, and inserts

Machine Components
Nozzle tips, end caps, nozzle bodies, screw tips with warranty, and repair services

Oil Absorbent Products
Pads, rolls, socks, and wipers

Wire & Accessories
High temp wire, thermocouple wire, ceramic accessories, plugs, jacks, panel strips, and more

Electronic Repairs & Calibration Services
Hot runner cards, boards, timers, and counters


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